Energy solutions for your business

Through our Energy Solutions service, we help businesses identify and secure energy cost-savings and efficiencies that aid business commercial strategies.

Getting Started

Energy management works best when it's part of the way your team operates day-to-day. Here are a few key tips on getting the ball rolling.


  • Appoint an energy management champion. To keep everything on track and enthusiasm high, you need someone dedicated to leading the charge. This could be the business owner or a team member.
  • Develop an energy management plan. Get a group together to identify the best ways to save energy then plan how to implement them. It's a good idea to create some measurement systems as well.
  • Brief your staff. It's critical you get everyone signed up and positive about the plan. Bring the team together to discuss the ideas and spell out what everyone needs to do and why. It helps to be specific, so create a list of actions they can refer to; and give them regular, positive reminders.

Energy saving for industrial and high users

For high electricity users such as large commercial and industrial sites, we have a programme of tailored solutions that can begin with a thorough audit by one of our accredited energy auditors.

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Energy Audits

We can arrange for an accredited energy auditor to undertake a multi-system, base-level energy audit for your business.

Energy Monitoring

Identifying the best opportunities for energy savings in your business by monitoring where energy is being used, prioritisation of those areas, and development of an energy targeting programme.

Power Factor

Measure just how effectively your electrical equipment is converting live current into useful output power, like heat, light or mechanical motion. 

Demand Flexibility

Be rewarded for flexible electricity use to provide support to the grid. Download the infosheet here.

Standby Generation

A solid back-up electrical system for your business that operates automatically. 

Thermal Imaging

A thorough, non-invasive, preventative, maintenance activity that will flag any safety issues straight away by pinpointing the location of faults so issues can be resolved.

Smart Lighting

One of the biggest areas in business for potential energy savings. In your offices alone you have the potential to save up to 40% of the energy costs associated with lighting. 

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