Peace of mind
and $300 worth
of power

Peace of mind
& $300 worth
of power

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Lock in energy rates until 31 May 2019 and get a one-off $300 discount on your first electricity bill.

If you've had a few expenses come in lately and you'd like a little breathing space, then Boost Plus might be just right for you. You'll enjoy the comfort of knowing that the energy rates won't increase for at least the next two years on this plan and free up some extra cash for more fun things.

The Ins & Outs

Please read the full terms and conditions.
  • To qualify for the discounts, there are certain rules you will need to regularly meet. There are no discounts for LPG.more info
  • There are rare occasions where fixed rates may change. (It doesn't happen often, we promise!)more info
  • If you choose to leave us, break up fees may apply.more info
  • Subject to a satisfactory credit check.


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