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True partnership is at the heart of the way we operate.

Expert support wherever you are

Your business success is critical to us and energy is critical to business. We’d like to show how true partnership is at the heart of the way we operate — it’s our starting point, ensuring the fundamentals are delivered consistently and professionally.


Dedicated support team - icon

Dedicated support team assigned to your business for face to face nationwide support when you need it

Local Account Managers - icon

Local Account Managers will visit all your sites, reporting in to the lead

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Regular visits so we’re fully across your evolving business needs

Staying close - icon

Staying close so we can anticipate needs in advance

Energy solutions for your business

We’ve created an extensive range of energy solutions services to help keep the lid on energy expenses — We can work with you to identify energy savings opportunities to reduce your energy costs.

With our “Added Value Services” we can work with you to identify energy saving opportunities to minimise your total energy expense.

Our services and products assist to:

  • Minimise your energy consumption
  • Optimise line charges
  • Ensure your equipment is operating efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Your Contact Account Manager will kick off the process to identify energy efficiencies delivering the biggest benefits to your bottom line.

What we can offer - VP Vignette

What we can offer

All the energy you need in one place:

Electricity - Competitive Fixed Price Variable Volume (FPVV) contract pricing on a regionalised basis for time of use meters. Half hourly Spot pricing—pay an actual market price under a fee for service arrangement. Flexible and Fixed pricing options for your non time of use sites.

Piped Gas - With our multiple long term contracts with diverse gas suppliers, we can offer both price and supply certainty so you’re always hooked up at the best price.

LPG - We'll come to you, installing bulk tank options for off grid LPG solutions for large commercial and industrial customers.


Our dedicated account management team will work closely with you to determine the best pricing option to suit your energy needs.

Get in touch

Our Business Direct Team will give you knowledgeable answers to queries — they’re smart, approachable, business focused specialists here to help. 

Give us a call on 0800 271 271

Call Centre Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday 


Or, you can request a call back from our team using our online form.


At Contact, sustainability means making every decision, every action, count for the long run. It means using Our Tikanga to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow, and striving to balance our economic, cultural and social responsibilities. 

We operate long-life power stations and we're committed to caring for natural resources that we rely on in a way that enables future generations of New Zealanders can continue to enjoy them too.


We’re committed to a sustainable energy future for New Zealand. To us, this means balancing our commitment to renewable energy, while maintaining reliable access to energy for our customers.

We’ve developed one of the most flexible generation fleets in New Zealand. Our geothermal, hydro and thermal plants have the country covered no matter what the weather is like.