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Lock in a healthy discount

Business Fixed Plus Plan from Contact Energy

Business Fixed Plus

If you've got the next three years of your business plan sorted, why not lock in a healthy 15% prompt payment discount to go along with it? You'll have the certainty of a fixed term plan and access to our dedicated business specialist team to discuss your business needs.


The Ins & Outs

  • To qualify for the 15% discount, you need to pay your bill in full and on time. There is no discount on LPG charges.
  • This is a fixed term plan. However, as part of the plan, there are certain elements of the pricing that are fixed and certain elements that are not. We will not adjust your price due to changes in the wholesale cost of energy or the cost of providing our retail services (such as metering, billing and customer care). However, there are circumstances that may cause your pricing to change before the end of the term. For example, if there are changes to network costs, taxes, levies (such as the Electricity Authority Levy), or if the information we’ve relied on to set your price is incorrect.
  • If you switch to another energy retailer before the end of the Plan, an early termination fee of $250 per electricity installation control point (ICP) will apply.
  • Subject to a satisfactory credit check.

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