What to
do in

In a gas or electrical emergency it’s vital to do the right thing - and do it quickly. Be sure to share this information with everyone at your place, so you’re well prepared if an emergency occurs. It could save lives.

Gas emergency

What to do if you smell gas around an appliance.

Turn it off immediately and call a Registered Craftsman. (See the Yellow Pages under ‘gasfitters’.)

If you can still smell gas a few minutes after turning off the appliance:


  • Turn off the gas supply at the cylinder or gas meter
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • Call our Customer Service Team 0800 80 9000 to report the fault

Do not:

  • Switch on or off any lights or electrical appliances in the room, as this could ignite the gas and cause an explosion
  • Use a telephone (including mobile phones) near any suspected gas leak
  • Try to track the gas leak yourself
  • Light matches, lighters or cigarettes in the area

What if you smell gas in the street?

Call your gas network operator, our Customer Service Team on 0800 80 9000, or the gas numbers listed in the ‘Emergency Services’ section of your phone book.

Electrical emergency

What to do in an electrical accident

  • Don't touch the injured person if they're still in contact with a live electrical source
  • Switch the source of electricity off, or if you can't, move the source away from you and the injured person using a non-conducting object like a wooden broom handle. Then dial 111 for an ambulance immediately

What to do if your whole area loses power

  • The local lines company will be working on the problem as soon as it occurs.
  • If you work in a remote or rural area, call your local faults number to log the fault.
  • Turn off appliances and electrical equipment – some can be a fire hazard and others might be damaged when the power comes back on.

What to do if your place is the only one without power

  • Check your fuse box to see if it's still working.
  • If your fuse box seems to be working, you may have a fault in the supply to your premises.

Call your local faults number if you have a gas or electricity supply problem.