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with no increases on your electricity and natural gas prices until the end of 2017 or 2018.*

Why not take your pick from these two fancy offers. Available to NEW customers who join before 31 October 2016:

Up to $950 off

Get up to $950 off your first bill when you lock in your special rate with us.

Plus 10% discount when you pay in full and on time, or 12% when you buddy up your electricity and gas.

Get a first bill discount of

$150 (<10 MWh p.a.)
$400 (10-40 MWh p.a.)
$950 (>40 MWh p.a.)

Terms and conditions apply.


15% prompt payment discount

Get 15% prompt payment discount when you lock in your special rate with us.

Terms and conditions apply.

Pick how long you’d like to lock in your special pricing for.

lock it in 2017


lock it in 2018


*Prices stay the same for the term of the plan unless there are changes to taxes or levies (such as the Electricity Authority Levy) or if the information Contact has relied on to set your price is incorrect. See the above terms and conditions for more detail.

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