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the mix
is right

We’ve looked at everything that goes into delivering electricity to your place, so it dishes up what you really need. From the first time you connect with us, to how we help with energy saving, smoothing out bill paying and easy online help. It’s all geared to make the best business sense to you, whichever way you look at it.

Connect to Contact

We’d love to give you the lowdown on the smart energy solutions for your business. Call 0800 20 9000 and a Business Specialist will ask a few questions and find the right answers. For large commercial and industrial sites call our specialist team on 0800 271 271.

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Clock on with every day energy savings

Like you, we’re keen to see smart use of energy to keep costs down. Little things can add up to serious savings – and it’s a great team-building exercise as well. We’ve got ideas on how to get your whole team behind you as well as plenty of easy energy saving tips that often don’t cost a cent.

For high electricity users such as large commercial and industrial sites, we have a programme of tailored solutions to suit your needs. If you are on a Time Of Use meter we can offer advanced energy solutions, combined invoicing, even spot or market based pricing and dedicated account management on 0800 271 271.


Electricity with perks

When you team up your electricity with gas, you could earn a 12% DualEnergy prompt payment discount.

On top of that we can help smooth out your energy payments with SmoothPay.

You can pay a fixed monthly amount on a day you choose (except the 29th, 30th and 31st of the month) to match outgoings with your income.

Terms and conditions apply.

So where does it all come from?

Your electricity comes from some pretty impressive places:

  • One of the world’s leading geothermal power companies, the lights in your house might be powered by steam heated by magma from deep under the earth by one of our geothermal power stations

  • We have several large hydro power stations like the massive Clyde Dam, generating power electricity for Kiwis

  • Natural Our gas powers stations keep things warm when the h20 gets low and the wind stops blowing

Clock on to Energy Saving

Energy tips for serious savings.

Dishing up online

Check your daily energy consumption, keep an eye on your accounts and register for online billing.

New Connections

Quick smart connections – even temporary supply until you’re ready to connect.