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Gas is the go to energy for many Kiwi businesses and our specialists can share the ins and outs on the best applications for your industry. Our gas network serves up instant heat, and efficient delivery. And with no peak charges, it can make smart, cost effective sense.

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Happy to be in hot water

Gas can give you continuous hot water – perfect for hospitality, hotel and health industries especially. Water is heated as it’s used, so you’ll never run cold. On top of that, it’s cost efficient because you’re only paying to heat the water you use.

Super fast warm-ups

Large workspaces can be tricky to heat. Gas heating comes on quickly. It’s perfect for providing easily controlled heat, for instance to optimise crop yield or with livestock management. At the fancier end of the scale, there are attractive gas heating options for hotel lobbies or special guest rooms, with flame-effect gas fires. Large scale heating or luxury cosiness – gas covers the field.

Cookin’ with you know what

Gas is king in the kitchen. Chefs love cooking with it because of the instant heat and quick temperature control. And in a busy kitchen the visibility of a gas flame has added advantages – along with the swift cool down. Whatever you’re whipping up, gas is top of the menu.

The great all rounder

Gas ticks boxes all over the place for a bundle of industries. Gas fired laundry equipment is quick and cost effective. Automotive paint ovens love the accuracy and speed of gas. Gas makes smart sense for most businesses – from cute little bistros to large manufacturing sites.

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