Te Mihi power station

Our new Te Mihi geothermal power station is part of Contact's dedication to providing New Zealander's energy needs in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Te Mihi uses heat from deep inside the earth to generate electricity. Geothermal generation is renewable, capable of generating large amounts of electricity and, unlike wind and hydro generation, doesn't depend on the weather. Electricity produced from geothermal energy is always available, allowing us to power Kiwi homes and businesses today and into the future.

The investment decision for the Te Mihi power station development was made in February 2011, with the station commissioned in May 2014 and officially opened during August 2014. The power station has a 166 megawatt (MW) generating capacity, enough to power over 160,000 Kiwi homes. It includes two new steam turbine generators of 83 MW each, constructed near the 56-year-old Wairakei geothermal power station, northwest of Taupo.

Contact has five geothermal power stations across the Taupo region and around third of Contact's average annual generation will come from geothermal energy.