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Contact Registry

Link Market Services Limited (Link) is Contact’s registrar for shares and bonds. You can view your investment portfolio, supply your email address, change your details, or update your payment instructions relating to Contact at any time by visiting the Link Investor Centre. For any queries regarding your holding, please contact Link directly or by visiting their website.

New Zealand
Link Market Services Limited
PO Box 91976, Auckland 1142
+64 9 375 5998
+64 9 375 5990
Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14, Sydney South, NSW 1235
+61 2 8280 7111
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General investor enquiries for Contact Energy

Matthew Forbes
Investor Relations Manager
Telephone: +64 4 499 4001

Questions about investing in Contact

Contact Energy Limited wishes to advise that it is aware of below market price offers being made from time to time to shareholders of some New Zealand Listed Companies. If you believe you have received a below market offer for your Contact shares you can check the most recent market price for Contact shares on the NZX website at or contact our Registry, Link Market Services at Alternatively, visit the Financial Markets Authority website or contact the Authority on 0800 434 567.

Where can I find out about my holdings, update my details, or view my payments or transactions relating to Contact shares or bonds?

You can view or update your holding and other investor details on the website of our Registry, Link Market Services – (NZ) (Australia). Alternatively, you can contact our Registry by email

How can I buy or sell shares or bonds in Contact?

You'll need to talk to a stockbroker to buy or sell shares or bonds in Contact. Check the links to New Zealand brokers on the NZX website at

To buy or sell your shares on the Australian market, contact a licensed stockbroker to effect the purchase or sale on your behalf. Check the links to Australian brokers on the ASX website at

What are the classes of shares and how do they rank?

All Contact's ordinary shares have equal standing in terms of distributions and voting.

Where are Contact's securities quoted?

Contact's ordinary shares are quoted on the NZX at under the ticker code 'CEN' and on the ASX at under the ticker code ‘CEN’. Contact's retail bonds are quoted under the ticker codes 'CEN020' (2014 series), 'CEN030' (2015 series) and 'CEN040' (2017 series) on the NZDX.

You can get the up-to-date share prices here or in your daily newspaper.

Do shareholders have to be New Zealand residents for tax purposes?

Anyone from any jurisdiction can own shares in Contact, if they are legally able to do so.

If I'm a Contact share or bond holder, do I have any additional rights as a customer?

No, all customers are treated equally. We prefer to reward our shareholders with distributions, rather than through any special benefits or discounts.

What is a distribution?

As a shareholder you've invested in and own a part of Contact. Your investment means you are entitled to a share of any profits we make over the year. This is called a distribution. Distributions are usually made twice during the year.

I am a bondholder: when is interest paid to me?

Interest on Contact’s retail bonds is payable quarterly on 15 February, 15 May, 15 August and 15 November each year. The maturity date for the fixed rate bonds (CEN020) is 15 May 2019, with an interest rate per annum of 5.80%. The maturity date for the fixed rate bonds (CEN030) is 15 November 2021, with an interest rate per annum of 4.40%. The maturity date for the fixed rate bonds (CEN040) is 15 November 2022, with an interest rate per annum of 4.63%.

To find out more information on Contact's bonds visit the bond information section of this website

Where can I get a copy of Contact's Annual Report?

All of our annual and half yearly reports are listed in the company reports section of this website.

Will I be sent reports automatically?

Contact does not automatically send annual and half yearly reports to all security holders.

If you are a Contact security holder you will receive a notice each year when the annual report is available. The notice gives you the opportunity to request a copy of the annual report.

Operational data  is available on Contact's website and is released to the NZX and ASX on a monthly basis.