Shareholder meetings

Here is information about upcoming and past Contact Energy shareholder meetings.

Annual meeting - 9:30am Wednesday 19 October 2011,
Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand

Notice of Annual Meeting (2.57MB)

Annual Meeting Voting/Proxy Form (215KB)

Media release (88KB)

Chairman's address (265KB)

Managing director's address (283KB)

Presentation slides (2.35MB)

2011 Annual Meeting Results (37KB)

Minutes (680KB)

Please note that the Contact Energy Annual General Meeting (AGM) will not be webcast live this year. All documents relating to the AGM, including speeches and media release, will be posted following the meeting.

Annual Meeting – 30 January 2001, Aotea Centre, Auckland New Zealand

Chairman’s address (62KB)

CEO’s address (347KB)

Minutes (37KB)

Annual Meeting – 25 January 2000, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, New Zealand

Minutes (27KB)