Little perks
to make
life better

Dishing up
online goodies

Come online with us and we’ll make life easier with handy self-service options, online bills, and your energy consumption graph. You’ll be right up to speed with everything.

Online Services

Special discounts, right now

Get 1% discount when you get your bill and correspondence by email. Plus get another 1% off when you pay by direct debit (excl. credit cards).

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Smooth out
your payments

SmoothPay lets you side step unexpected spikes by evening out your payments. Makes budgeting a whole heap easier.

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Energy Saving Tips

Visit our Saving Energy page to learn more about how to keep your home snuggly ‘n dry in winter, cooler in summer… and save money!

Snazzy new smart meters

We’re rolling out smart electricity meters. That means fewer estimated bills, less meter reading and smarter online energy graphs.

Buddy up gas & power to save

You could earn an extra discount when you buddy up your gas and power with us at the same property and pay in full and on time.