Fed up with
paying daily charges at your bach
when you're not there?

On our new Bach plan, you only pay for the power you use because there are no fixed daily charges*. Plus, your prices are fixed until the end of 2017**.
This great plan is only available to customers who have their main residence with us too, but that's okay because if you're not already a Contact customer, we can sign you up for both at the same time - easy!
Give us a call on 0800 266 825 (7am to 9pm Monday to Friday or 8am to 5pm Saturday) or click here to register for us to call you back.


Life's a bach!

Ins & Outs

  • Sign up now and get 20% off your electricity bill when you pay your bill on time, or make it 23%* off by signing up for both electricity and gas!

  • Remember if you leave any power running at your bach when there's no one there, you will still get a bill for what's used.

  • If you're one of those lucky Kiwis with a bach you visit a lot that has a pool, underfloor heating and lots of rooms, then this probably isn't our best plan for you. But we do have other great options so give us a call to find out what will suit you better.

  • For customers who do not have a smart meter installed, or where a smart meter is not communicating, you will still receive estimated bills every couple of months on this plan. These estimates will be corrected with the next actual read.

*If The Lines Company is your lines company (operating in the central North Island) then please note that Contact Energy can only remove our daily charges for the Home and Bach plan. The Lines Company will still bill you directly for network and metering daily charges. 

**On the plan, prices stay the same for the term of the plan unless there are changes to taxes or levies (such as the Electricity authority Levy) or if the information Contact has relied on to set your price is incorrect. This plan is not available to all customers. See terms and conditions for more details.

Just leave your details and we'll contact you within the next day. (We may take a wee bit longer if you submit this over a weekend.)