Fed up
with paying daily charges
at your bach?

On Bach Plan, you only pay for the power you use. Plus, your rates are fixed until 31 December 2017. Bach Plan is only available to customers who have their main residence with us too. If you're not already a Contact customer, we can sign you up for both at the same time! And if you run a small business, you can link your business, home and bach together with the My Properties Plans.

The Ins & Outs

Please read the full terms and conditions.

  • On this plan, you may receive a small bill sometimes for the power you use if it's based on an estimated read. more info
  • On this plan, our prices for the bach don't have daily charges. However, if you're in 'The Lines Company' network area, you will still receive your usual bill from them.more info
  • There are rare occasions where fixed rates may change. (It doesn't happen often, we promise!)more info
  • If you choose to leave us, break up fees will apply on your final bill.more info
  • Credit criteria may apply.