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Lock in energy rates until 31 October 2018 and you'll pick up a whopping 1,500 Bonus Fly Buys points on your electricity account.

Had your eye on that fancy new food processor or need a holiday? Rewards Plus lets you enjoy the benefit of price certainty for longer while also giving your Fly Buys balance a healthy lift. Now you can choose your own reward without impacting on your fun budget.

The Ins & Outs

Please read the full terms and conditions.

  • To qualify for the discounts, there are certain rules you will need to regularly meet. There are no discounts for LPG. more info
  • There are rare occasions where fixed rates may change. (It doesn't happen often, we promise!) more info
  • If you choose to leave us, break up fees will apply.more info
  • Please note that the offering of Fly Buys points and terms can change as noted in our Fly Buys Ts and Cs. more info
  • Subject to a satisfactory credit check.


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