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Estimated average monthly charges include GST and levies and are based on our Freedom plan with a 18% prompt payment discount (unless you’ve selected otherwise).  If you have added on broadband, home phone or gas this is also included in the total monthly cost provided.  Discounts are off energy bill only.For more information please click here

Here's a no brainer

Fuel Rewards Plus

Monthly Discount
Up to 22%
discount when you pay on time
Fixed Term
Fixed rates until 30 Jun 2020

Monthly fuel savings and fix your energy rates for 2 years - it's a no brainer

If you like fuel savings and the certainty of fixed energy pricing, then our Fuel Rewards Plus plan is for you. Lock in energy rates until 30 June 2020 and get 30 cents off per litre of fuel once every month with AA Smartfuel. You can also get up to 22% off by signing up to our monthly discounts:

PPD18% prompt payment discount when you pay on time

Dual Energy2% discount if you are a DualEnergy™ customer

Email1% discount when you receive bills and correspondence by email

Direct Debit1% direct debit discount (excluding credit/debit cards)

 Available for electricity, and DualEnergy™ customers only.

*50L fuel cap applies
Add {0} to take advantage of dual fuel discounts - see specific plan terms and conditions. To select this plan, you need to have your {0} with us. Please add {0} or select another plan. We have removed your selected plan since {0} was not included in that specific plan. Manage all your services in one place by adding {0} to your plan. Plan offers; {0} is also available on this plan. Plus add {1} to your plan and get our 2% DualEnergy discount* We are not able to supply {0} to this address at the moment, please contact the Customer Services team on 0800 80 9000 if you have any questions. To sign up to our {0} service you must have your {1} account at the same address. You cannot have {0} and {1} at the same time. You do not need to select a plan to order bottled gas, please continue to the next question. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply bottled gas if gas will be used for cooking only.
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Estimated electricity and gas rates exclude GST, levies and any prompt payment discount and gas may not be available at your property. The electricity rates are based on a simple Low User Anytime or All Day Economy option which may not match actual set-up for your home.
Sorry we cannot find the rates for this address. Please, give us a call on 0800 80 9000 and one of our agents will be able to assist you.