No daily gas charges

Frequently asked questions

The Simplicity Bundle plan is available to residential customers in the North Island who sign up their electricity and natural gas with us for the same premises, and both must be on this plan.

This plan is not available if you:

  • Have natural gas only
  • Have bottled or reticulated LPG
  • Your electricity and natural gas supplies are not at the same address
  • Are on Contact PrePay or PrePower
  • Have unmetered supply
  • Are an existing Contact customer on a fixed term plan.

This plan is not available in conjunction with any other offer from us unless at our discretion.

This plan is designed for customers who are moderate natural gas users, using at least 2,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. That’s an average of around 166kWh per month. If you only use natural gas for cooking it’s unlikely that this plan will be right for you. The most accurate way to gauge whether you’ll likely use this much natural gas is to look at your past bills and work out your monthly average usage.

We may remove you from the Simplicity Bundle plan if we can see that it’s unlikely that you’ll use this much natural gas per year. Should we remove you from the plan, we will put you on the Basic plan.

While the Simplicity Bundle plan has no daily charge, it does have a higher variable charge, so if you are a high user of natural gas, then one of our other plans might suit you better.

Yes, you can add broadband to this plan from $89.99 a month (for ADSL, VDSL and Fast Fibre).
To take advantage of this great offer, you need to be on an open term energy plan and change to the Simplicity Bundle plan.