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Your new digital bill

Understanding your bill is now a whole lot easier when you view it online or in the Contact app. Customers told us the PDF invoice we email to you can be tricky to understand, so read on to see the improvements we've made.




View your bill directly in My Account and the Contact app

You'll still continue to get your PDF invoice attached to your bill emails, but you now have the option to click straight through to your new digital bill from the email.



Clean and simple format

Previous and current charges are shown below the total amount due and due date. Still want the detail? No probs, these are just one click away.



Do it all together

You can find everything you need to manage your bill from your online account and the Contact app. Want to check your usage, set up a direct debit or just view the details of your bill? No problem. Once you sign in, you can do all this and more easily and quickly.



Check your balance, past
transactions and pay your bill