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In a gas or electrical emergency it’s vital to do the right thing - and do it quickly. Be sure to share this information with everyone at your place, so you’re well prepared if an emergency occurs. It could save lives.

What to do in an emergency

 Electrical emergency


What to do if your whole area loses power

  • The local lines company will be working on the problem as soon as it occurs. If you work in a remote or rural area, call your local faults number to log the fault.
  • Turn off appliances and electrical equipment – some can be a fire hazard and others might be damaged when the power comes back on.


What to do if your place is the only one without power

  • Check your fuse box to see if it's still working.
  • If your fuse box seems to be working, you may have a fault in the supply to your premises.


What to do in an electrical accident

  • Don't touch the injured person if they're still in contact with a live electrical source
  • Switch the source of electricity off, or if you can't, move the source away from you and the injured person using a non-conducting object like a wooden broom handle. Then dial 111 for an ambulance immediately.


 Gas emergency 


What to do if you smell gas around an appliance:

  • Turn it off immediately and call a Registered Craftsman. (See the Yellow Pages under ‘gasfitters’.)


If you can still smell gas a few minutes after turning off the appliance:

  • Turn off the gas supply at the cylinder or gas meter.
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  • Call our Customer Service Team on 0800 80 9000 to report the fault.

Do not:

  • Switch on or off any lights or electrical appliances in the room, as this could ignite the gas and cause an explosion.
  • Use a telephone (including mobile phones) near any suspected gas leak.
  • Try to track the gas leak yourself.
  • Light matches, lighters or cigarettes in the area.


What if you smell gas in the street?

  • Call your gas network operator, our Customer Service Team on 0800 80 9000, or the gas numbers listed in the ‘Emergency Services’ section of your phone book.



Call your local faults number if you have a gas or electricity supply problem.

If you smell gas, have lost gas supply, or there’s a fault with your gas supply:

Natural Gas 0800 80 9000
LPG 0800 762 542

Please call the local faults number listed below if you have lost electricity supply, or there is a fault with your electricity supply.

Far North 0800 867 363
Northland 09 430 1800
Auckland (Central) 0508 832 867
Auckland (West and North Shore) 0508 832 867
Counties / Pukekohe 0800 100 202
Hamilton / Waikato 0800 800 935
Te Awamutu 07 870 2000
Cambridge 07 827 2000
Waitomo 0800 367 328
Gisborne/ East Coast / Wairoa 0800 206 207
Hawke's Bay 0800 286 476
Central Hawke's Bay 0800 667 693
Dannevirke 0800 808 039
Horowhenua / Kapiti 0800 567 876
Wellington 0800 226 682
Marlborough 0800 250 450
Tasman 0800 508 100
Christchurch / Central Canterbury / Wigram 0800 363 9898
Kaiapoi / Rangiora / North Canterbury 0508 60 70 80
Ashburton 03 308 6551
Timaru / Waimate / South Canterbury 0800 66 11 77
North Otago 0800 440 220
Otago / Dunedin 0800 433 582
Southland / Invercargill 0800 808 587
Rest of Country 0800 80 9000

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