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Hi Contact customers. If you get an email asking to complete a Contact Energy survey then asking for your credit card details, please delete it straight away. It’s a nasty scam and we do not want any of you to get caught up in this. More here, see Staying safe online.

email alert

Fake Email Survey

You may have received an email advising you to receive or redeem a free prize or receive an outstanding refund. The prizes include Apple products, New World vouchers and smartphones. From what we have gathered, the email is usually signed off by "Vicky Hannson", Consumer Analyst.

These emails are NOT issued from Contact and are a scam. If you have received something like this, delete the email immediately and contact CERT NZ. 

call alert

A Call from Microsoft Helpdesk

We have also been informed of customers receiving call s from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Helpdesk. This is a well known scam where the caller claims to be reporting a problem with your computer and request remote access.

If in doubt, just hang up and contact CERT NZ.

 never give out your credit card details

It is important that if you are in doubt, to NEVER give out your credit card details or banking PINs and passwords. If you have given out your credit card details on a dodgy call, we recommend that you call your credit card company or bank to ask them what you should do next, such as cancelling or temporarily disabling your card.

We may call and ask for a credit card payment from time to time, but we discuss your account with you first.


If you have received threatening messages or phone calls, then call the Police immediately.

Got a question?

Visit our support centre for more help and advice.

Report fraudulent activity

If you, or someone you know received a scam email or phone call, report it CERT NZ so coordinated action is taken and enforcement authorities will be alerted if required.