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SmoothPay lets you side step unexpected spikes by evening out your payments across the whole year. You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whatever works for you. It’s a great way to make sure next winter's not quite so sweary.

Smooth out your payments

Ins & Outs

  • We work out your energy use across a year, then divide it into equal amounts based on how often you want to pay
  • You'll get a monthly bill to keep track of it all
  • On the agreed day we deduct the amount from your account by direct debit. Because months aren't neat and tidy, we can't put through your monthly payment on the 29th, 30th or 31st. But there are still plenty of days to choose from.
  • Every so often we check if it's all on track and that your usage is in line with your payments. If we need to adjust it, we'll give you at least 10 days' notice.

Ways to set up SmoothPay

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New to Contact?

You can SmoothPay with any of our plans. Check out our range of plans.

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Set-up SmoothPay

Download and fill out the Application form, and post to us at:

Contact Energy

Free Post164487

PO Box 624

Wellington 6140

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Already with Contact?

Just give us a call on 0800 80 9000 so we can work out what your regular payments will be. Or you can do it yourself by logging into My Account to set up SmoothPay.