FAQs for Month Off plan

Please note, these FAQs have been updated to reflect the latest version of the Month Off plan released on 19 August 2019. If you signed up to the Month Off plan before this date please refer to your terms and conditions.

On the Month Off Plan, you’re entitled to receive around one month’s worth of current electricity, natural gas, reticulated LPG and broadband charges for free - and you get to choose when you receive it. We call this your Month Off. If you’re on weekly billing, you’ll have four opportunities to use a week off. On fortnightly billing you’ll get two fortnights off.

The easiest way to redeem your Month Off is via My Account. This is accessible online or by using the Contact Mobile app. If you have a Month Off available to redeem, you will find a [USE MONTH OFF] button on the landing page as soon as you sign in.

If the button is not visible, and you’re sure you haven’t already redeemed, select MONTH OFF from the menu and this will display a page explaining your current eligibility and availability of your discount.

 There are a few reasons why you might not be able to redeem your Month Off discount:

  1. You may have already redeemed your discount(s).
  2. The period of the bill may be longer than 35 days for monthly billing, 20 days for fortnightly billing and 10 days for weekly billing.
  3. You may have an overdue balance that you need to pay first.
  4. It’s after the payment due date of the bill.

If you’re on an open term plan, you can change to the Month Off plan.

If you’re on a fixed term plan, you can change to the Month Off plan, however a break fee of $150 per installation control point (ICP) will apply.

Change plans here.

You’ll need to pay off any debt on your account before you can use your Month Off.
If you’re on a payment scheme like SmoothPay, you can still use your Month Off discount to reduce any outstanding account balance. However, your regular payment will still be debited from your bank account as usual as per your SmoothPay agreement.
The Month Off plan requires you to get a bill so it’s not available on Contact PrePay.
You’ll need to use your Month Off discount before the due date of that bill, which is when your direct debit is scheduled to be taken. Upon receiving your bill, you’ll have three days on a weekly or fortnightly bill and 14 days on a monthly bill to use it.
The Month Off discount covers current energy and broadband charges along with service fees. It doesn’t include outstanding debt or a bond.
As long as you haven’t used any of your discounts you can change your billing frequency at any time. But remember, if you’re on weekly or fortnightly billing and you’ve already used one of your discounts, any remaining discounts will be lost.
As long as you haven’t used any discounts, we may be able to sign up your new home on the Month Off plan. Talk to us to find out if the plan is available when you move. Note that if you switch to another energy retailer before the end of the Plan, an early termination fee of $150 per electricity installation control point (ICP) will apply.