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10 energy-saving tips for winter

Winter energy saving tips


During the chilly winter months, a comfy and cosy home is the best place to be.

As the nights draw in and the temperature cools, here are ten simple ways to help keep the cold weather at bay and take control of your power bill this winter.


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  1. Keep the doors closed, and the heat in – by shutting doors to unused rooms, you’ll keep central areas of your home warmer for longer. And by encouraging your family or flatmates to spend time together in the same rooms, you’ll have fewer rooms to heat. Win, win!

  2. Close those curtains – did you know a lot of the heat in your home escapes through closed windows? It’s quite literally money going out the window. Be sure to pull those curtains and blinds to help keep your home warm and cosy.

  3. Switch to an oil heater – choose one with a thermostat and timer, perfect for a night in front of the TV or those early morning starts.

  4. The bigger the laundry load the better – being smart with your laundry is a great way to save energy. If you do larger loads, you’ll only need to run the washing machine once or twice a week. Take care not to overload your machine though and be sure to check the manufacturer recommendations as to load size!

  5. Stop chilly drafts in their tracks – drafty doors and windows can leak a lot of heat. So seal them up and feel the difference! Door sweeps help seal the space between the bottom of your door and the door frame, and draft stoppers on doors and windows help keep your home toasty and warm.

  6. Check your insulation – a great tip for renovators or new home owners is to check the insulation. Good insulation can be a simple way to save energy and keep more heat in your living spaces. Adding insulation in your attic is a great place to start.

  7. Get the right lights – as the days get shorter, we spend more time indoors with the lights on. By making the switch to efficient bulbs like LEDs, you can use up to 85% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb! Stat from: https://switchme.co.nz/blog/save-with-led-lightbulbs

  8. Warm your pipes – adding pipe insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost from the pipes in your home. You’ll need less energy to heat your water, and it will stay hotter for longer.

  9. Stop heat escaping up the chimney – there’s nothing better than a cosy fireplace in winter, but an open fireplace can be a way for heat to escape. Be sure to keep your fire sealed when you’re not using it – this will stop heat travelling up and out the chimney.

  10. Unplug and use power boards – many electronics and appliances continue to draw electricity even when powered off. Unplug these energy “vampires” when not in use. It’s easy to forget to turn electronics off when leaving the house or going to bed. Plug items like tvs, computers and screens into a power board to shut off several devices at once.
17 Jun 2022
1 minutes to read
By Contact Energy