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Winter Energy Payments Scheme - What's it all about?

For everything you need to know, visit the Work and Income website. But for a quick overview, here are the key points:

  • New Government scheme that runs from 1 July to 29 September 2018
  • Scheme is to help those in need stay warmer this winter. 
  • If you’re a superannuitant or beneficiary, from 1 July you could receive an extra $20.46 a week in your benefit payment. Or $31.82 for couples and families. 

Just remember to keep an eye on your bills in October, because this benefit top-up only runs until 29 September 2018 

What $1 worth of power could get you.
Unsure of your energy running costs? The Electricity Retailers Association of New Zealand (ERANZ) have produced a handy report that shows how much $1 worth of energy could get you.  So if you’re entitled to the Winter Energy Payment, you’ll have a better understanding on how each dollar can be spent on your energy bill. 


winter energy payments






The $1 OF ELECTRICITY GETS ME… report* covers fridges, heaters, dryers, and lighting, just to name a few.  According to the report, $1 will toast around 140 slices of bread.  That’s an awful lot of toast. Jam, honey, marmite…make your choice!

There are more things you can do to keep your energy costs down, like reducing the number of times your fridge door is open.  Newer appliances are also more energy efficient than anything 10 years or older.

It’s worthwhile keeping an eye on how any new and old gadgets affect your energy costs. If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances, the simple 5 star Energy Rating Label is a great place to start.

Here are some more easy energy saving tips.

*The $1 OF ELECTRICITY GETS ME… report was published by the Electricity Retailers Association of New Zealand in May 2018.



02 Jul 2018
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By Contact Energy