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Contact is focusing on delivering strong operational performance and providing sustainable value for customers and shareholders.

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Corporate governance

At Contact we believe that good corporate governance is important as it protects the interests of investors and creates and enhances value over the short and long term.

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Annual Shareholder Meeting 14 November 2018
2018 full year report

2018 Full year report

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2018 Half year report


Contact strongly values and supports diversity, ensuring that the company and its leadership, management and employees reflect the diverse range of individuals and groups within our society. Contact is led by an experienced and diverse board and leadership team  who are committed to our customers, communities, shareholders and people.

About Contact

At Contact, we focus on delivering great value, great products and great service to customers. We're always looking to the future, trialling new products and services; inspire by what our customers have told us.


We've made a commitment to take care of the natural resources that we rely on so that future generations of Kiwis can continue to enjoy them too. It's all about balance and we're working to maintain that balance every day.