10 February 2022

Contact Energy focused on leading the way on the Wellbeing Tick journey

Contact Energy will be the first company in the world to introduce the new Wellbeing Tick (wellbeingtick.co.nz) framework for its 1000 staff across Aotearoa.

The Wellbeing Tick is a workplace accreditation programme for organisations that are committed to the wellbeing of their people and ready to make systemic changes to the way they’re working. It is based on an award-winning and globally researched wellbeing framework, designed to raise the bar and set the standard for best practice in Aotearoa.

Contact Energy CEO Mike Fuge said the company had been focused on a strong safety culture, but now recognised it needed to broaden to include the wellbeing of its people up to the same standard.

“After living in a pandemic world for three years our people have faced a constantly shifting and evolving workplace that is moving rapidly. Flexible working brings its own challenges in terms of human connection. We are seeing a call from our people for more attention on their wellbeing, so we are tackling this head-on.

“The Wellbeing Tick will ensure we are accountable, on track, and leading the way in providing the best environment for our people to work in.”

Wellbeing Tick programme founder Phillippa Powell said she was delighted to have Contact Energy onboard as the founding member of the programme.

“It’s fantastic to be supporting the team at Contact in their journey to build a wellbeing culture that will be modelled and replicated up and down Aotearoa. Contact will be guided by the eight pillars of the Wellbeing Tick framework and we will assess the company’s efforts in March 2023.

“We would like to congratulate Contact Energy for showing their commitment to the wellbeing of their people and being ready to make systemic changes to the way they are currently working.”  

Contact Energy will be working towards fulfilling the assessment criteria for accreditation and will be aiming for accredited status by March 2023.



Media enquiries:

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About Contact Energy

Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest energy retailers and generators. We generated 8.4 terawatt hours of electricity from hydro, geothermal and gas last year and managed more than 550,000 customer connections. Our vision is to build a better New Zealand and play a leading role in the decarbonisation of the energy sector and wider economy.