02 June 2022

TCC power station receives extra operational hours

Taranaki Combined Cycle (‘TCC’) is Contact’s gas-fired baseload generation plant near Stratford. The power station was released into service with a 2,000 hour limitation on its ‘combined cycle’ operation where it can operate at a maximum generation capacity of 360 megawatts. Following further work undertaken in consultation with GE, we have received engineering advice that supports an extension of operation by 750 hours on top of the remaining 1274 hours meaning 2024 hours from today before TCC requires an outage.


About TCC

The Taranaki Combined Cycle Power Station (TCC) was commissioned in 1996 and is a large, efficient and modern plant, and can generate 360MW of electricity. The facility plays an important role in providing New Zealand with a secure supply of electricity, while enabling the country to increase the level of electricity generated from renewable sources. In 2011, Contact commissioned the Stratford Peakers next to TCC. The two fast-start gas turbine peaking units can go from a cold start to full load in just 10 minutes and generate up to 200 MW.