26 October 2023

New parents can save money with Contact’s Fourth Trimester

Kiwi families expecting a baby next month will have the chance to get three months of free energy thanks to Contact Energy (Contact).

This is the third time the ‘Fourth Trimester’ initiative has been offered since it began in March 2022. In that time, Contact has gifted around $1.85 million of power to 2,000 families with a newborn baby, meaning these families saved over $900, on average, on their power bill.

Contact’s Chief Retail Officer, Matt Bolton says many of the ‘Fourth Trimester’ parents were relieved they didn’t have to worry about how much power they were using while they enjoyed life with their new baby. “One dad even extended his parental leave because the energy costs were covered.”

Due to the success of the initiative, Contact is now offering three months of free energy to up to a further 1,000 families who have a baby in November 2023.

A new addition to the family can put a strain on the family budget. According to children’s charity Whānau Āwhina Plunket, having a new baby can increase household outgoings by up to $16,000 a year1. Therefore, $900 of free power can reduce the extra costs a baby brings by around 20%2 over three months. 

“While Contact can’t help with the cost of groceries or mortgage payments, we can help with the power to lighten some of the day-to-day costs for families during this special time,” says Matt.  “This means they can keep the hot water running or do extra loads of laundry worry-free.

“Fourth Trimester is open to Contact customers, but it’s not limited to existing ones. Anyone expecting a baby in November can become a Contact customer to take advantage of the initiative, and there’s no obligation to stay with us once the three months are up.

“Through Fourth Trimester, 2,000 Kiwi families have enjoyed a combined four million hours of free power on us. To celebrate the latest Kiwi arrivals, we’re giving around two million hours of free energy in total to up to 1,000 more families – which should help them get set for a sweet as summer.”

Matt acknowledged many Kiwis are currently feeling inflationary pressures and urges customers to get in touch if they are worried about paying their energy bill.

“Let us know as soon as possible,” says Matt. “We have a range of different options available which may help you with your bill payments. By knowing your individual circumstances, we can work with you to find the best option to manage your budget and energy usage.”

Find out more about Fourth Trimester conditions and how to apply here.

To discuss options for paying your power bill, Contact customers can either send a message through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or call 0800 224 424.  More information is available here.


Background information

1 Data from Whānau Āwhina Plunket, : https://www.plunket.org.nz/being-a-parent/preparing-for-your-baby/work-and-financial-planning/planning-your-finances/ The charity is the largest support service for the health and wellbeing of Tamariki under five and their whānau.
2 Figure based on parents spending an additional $16,000 a year to cover the cost incurred from having a baby. This is $1,333 extra a month and $4,000 over three months.  On average, Fourth Trimester parents saved $905 on their power over three months., which is 22.65% of $4000.


About Contact

Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest energy retailer and generators. We have more than 580,000 connections with electricity, gas, broadband and mobile. Our vision is to build a better Aotearoa New Zealand by leading New Zealand’s decarbonisation journey. We believe home is the most important place in the world.  It’s all part of our long-term vision to create and contribute to a better New Zealand; from the homes and communities we live in, to the land and resources that future generations can enjoy. 

Website: contact.co.nz


About Fourth Trimester

At Contact, we believe it’s good to be home and Fourth Trimester is one way we’re bringing this to life for our customers. It’s all part of our long-term vision to create and contribute to a better New Zealand. From the homes and communities, we live in, to the land and resources that future generations can enjoy.

More information available at contact.co.nz/support/trimester


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