Putting your energy where it matters

Positions suitable for remote working

Mahitahi - Working with us

As one of the biggest energy companies in Aotearoa (and one of the largest listed companies in Aotearoa - just saying) - we don't take that for granted and in a world that sometimes needs a hand up, we are passionate about making a difference to the quality of life for our customers, our communities and each other. 

Our focus is putting our energy where it matters. This shows up in many different ways here at Contact. It starts with giving great value, great products and great service to our customers and our people. With over 1,000 employees and 11 power stations across the country - it takes a team of special humans to deliver on our promises. 

Our people are our most precious taonga, and we don't take that for granted. This means enabling our whanau to achieve great things. When you join us, you'll have the support to be curious to look to the future, to create and contribute to a better NZ.

Human kindness connects us.

We genuinely care about making life better for our customers, our communities and each other.

Understanding problems and finding smart solutions.

Treating others how we'd like to be treated ourselves.

Nothing matters more than people.

Progressive defines us.

The future belongs to those who are prepared.

So we stay a step ahead by keeping an eye firmly on the horizon.

Anticipating the things that are going to matter.

Not just to our business, but to New Zealand.

We're inclusive, authentic, empathetic and brave.

Pointed focus sharpens us.

We are purposeful in everything we do.

We fixate on the things that matter.

And filter out the things that don’t.

Because our purpose is to touch lives, to make life better.

Curiosity propels us.

We're inspired by innovation.

Driven by the great 'what if'.

The better way.

This makes us look under every rock.

Consider things from every angle.

It sets us apart and moves us forward.

Mahi your way

Through our Transforming Ways of Working programme we have been able to take a good look at all the elements that make up ‘work’ and then give the control back to our people to deliberately redesign and reimagine the ways in which we work. You choose where you want to work whether that be your whare, an office location, your local café, the bach.

As long as it’s safe, secure and benefits you and the business, it’s your call! We don’t work with the 9-5 mentality because that’s just not real life. We work towards results, not hours so if you need to do school pick ups, train for that half marathon or organise work around your life, we’re open to making sure you get the work-life flexibility that is best for you.

Even better, we have both the culture and the technology in place to enable this radical flexibility. Our way of working is as individual as you are and it’s not an experiment or a trial run, it’s who we are and how we show up.

Choose your location.

Just like our customers, we're located right across New Zealand.

We work local, with our contact centres based in Levin, Wellington and Dunedin, and our corporate offices in Auckland and Wellington.
Our operations sites run the length of the country from Auckland in the North, to Roxburgh in the South.

Wherever you’re based, Contact has options for you.

Ngā Hua - how we make you feel special

Shall we just talk about the elephant in the room: you do the mahi, you get the treats

Let's get this straight, it's not just about the paycheck, there's heaps more. When Contact does well, our people do well.

What do we mean by that?

Here's a list of some of the cool stuff we offer

  • Bonuses / incentives
  • Health Insurance
  • Want more time off? - buy some more leave and spread the cost throughout the year
  • Share scheme - get some skin in the game
  • Get the skills - personal and professional development
  • E-bike borrowing scheme - drop a load of carbon
  • Retail discounts - keeping up with the Kardashians


At Contact, sustainability means making every decision, every action, count for the long run. It means using Our Tikanga to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow, and striving to balance our economic, cultural and social responsibilities. 

We operate long-life power stations and we're committed to caring for natural resources that we rely on in a way that enables future generations of New Zealanders can continue to enjoy them too.


At Contact we live in, work in and are a big part of many communities throughout New Zealand.

We work hard to be a good neighbour and lend our support to initiatives that are important to locals. For us, it's all about being a responsible and positive part of the community.