08 July 2024

Contact Energy $300 Energy & Broadband Credit Offer Terms and Conditions (CONTACT300)

  1. The Contact Energy $300 Energy & Broadband Credit (the Offer) is available to new and existing Contact Energy customers, who:
    • (a) apply to add Contact Broadband services and are accepted as a Contact customer for these services, and
    • (b) are successfully connected to both Contact electricity and broadband services using the Offer promo code CONTACT300 online at contact.co.nz.
  2. Contact Broadband services are only available to residential electricity customers of Contact on standard payment plans. Broadband services are not available to PrePay customers.
  3. The Offer is applied as an upfront $300 (incl GST) credit to your account. The credit will be applied to your Contact account within 30 days from when you are successfully connected to Contact electricity and broadband services.
  4. Only one Offer per connection. 
  5. The Offer is valid for a limited time only. Contact reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend this Offer without notice at any time and shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result.
  6. The Offer is not available to customers who have previously signed up to a special Contact Broadband offer in the last 6 months and is not available in conjunction with any other broadband or energy offers.
  7. If you leave Contact within 30 days from when you are successfully connected to Contact services, the Offer will cease to apply, and no credit or refund will be given. Contact reserves the right to investigate any activity it suspects to be fraudulent or not in good faith. Contact reserves the right to decline the Offer or remove the credit from your account if it considers you have acted fraudulently or not in good faith. 
  8. The Offer credit is not transferable, refundable nor redeemable for cash or cash equivalents.
  9. By applying the Offer promo code to your account, you acknowledge you have read and accepted these Offer Terms and Conditions.
  10. These terms and conditions should be read alongside any other terms and conditions that apply to your services with Contact (including, our general terms and conditions for residential and business customers, our residential special plan terms and conditions and Contact Broadband terms and conditions).
  11. The Offer will be governed by New Zealand law.