Contact PrePay

Pay for your electricity up front, just like a prepaid mobile phone. You control how much you pay and when you pay. You can even build up credit to use over winter.

Electricity rates are the same as they normally are for whatever plan you choose.
View the full terms and conditions.

Control is in your hands


Track your usage

Keep track of how much power you’re using, view your PrePay balance and estimated days remaining via My Account or the Contact app.

Easy top-up

Top-up through My Account, on our website, on the Contact app, or by text.

Handy text alerts

We’ll notify you by text when your balance is low and when you need to top-up.

Check if you can go on Contact PrePay

First, enter your address to see if you have the right type of meter:

Your address

Please help us identify your Electricity Meter (ICP) from the list below:
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Could it be right for you?

Contact PrePay is ideal if you:


  • want to avoid power bill shocks
  • manage a tight budget
  • want more control over your power
  • want to build up credit for winter
  • like to pay in advance
  • like easy text top-up

How to sign up

First, check if you're eligible.


Already with Contact?

Call us on 0800 224 424 and we can change you to PrePay on the spot. It's that easy!


New to Contact?

It's easy to join online. Just choose one of our electricity plans, and if you're eligible, you'll be able to choose PrePay as your payment option.

Frequently asked questions

To be eligible, you need to:

  • Be a residential customer on electricity supply only.
  • Have a mobile phone in order to receive text alerts.
  • Be set up for email correspondence.
  • Have an eligible and actively communicating smart meter.

Subject to satisfactory credit check. When you sign up, we’ll check all of this and let you know if you’re eligible. 


Medically dependent customers:

If you are medically dependent on electricity, for safety reasons we strongly recommend that you do not use Contact PrePay. To avoid the risk of self-disconnection, post-pay is the better option. If you still want to choose PrePay, please discuss this with your health practitioner for their advice. Please phone us on 0800 80 9000 to discuss.


Contact PrePay is not available:

  • In conjunction with SmoothPay and ControlPay.
  • On unmetered contracts that are jointly or collectively owned.
  • On Time of Use contracts.
  • For properties with an unacceptable level of vacant consumption (as determined by us).
  • For customers with distributed generation.
  • For customers who also receive gas and/or broadband from us at the same property.
Contact PrePay is available on most electricity plans including fixed term plans, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. You’ll also be able to take advantage of most of the offers associated with the plan you choose, such as dollars off your bill.

Broadband discounts are not available with Contact PrePay.
  • Fees apply to all payments made by credit or debit card. As text top-ups are only made by credit/debit card, fees apply to every top-up you make.
  • There are no disconnection and reconnection fees for Contact PrePay customers (except for the initial reconnection of a vacant property that has been disconnected).
  • We won't charge you for text notifications/alerts we send you.
  • There is no joining fee or bond required.
No. Our Contact PrePay electricity rates and daily charges are the same as they normally are for whatever plan you choose.

You can do this:

And pay using:

  • Credit card or debit card (payment fees apply)
  • Internet or telephone banking
  • Automatic payment

Payments may take up to one business day to process and be applied to your PrePay balance.


How much do I need to top-up?

Your first top-up amount must be at least $30. There is no minimum amount for subsequent top-ups, however, if you receive a low balance disconnection alert or when you have been disconnected, you must top-up so that your balance is at least $30 in credit. There is no limit to how often you can top-up.

You will need to first register a credit/debit card against your account by calling us on 0800 80 9000. Then you can top-up your account via text whenever you like, from wherever you like, and we’ll credit your account with the payment from your card. Note that payment fees will apply for each top-up you make.

To make a top-up, text the following to 2018: TOPUP [account number] [amount]

E.g. if your account number was 501183757 and you want to top-up by $50, the correct format is: TOPUP 501183757 50

The top-up amount needs to be a whole dollar amount, no cents. E.g. 50 not 49.99 (including a $ sign is optional).
Tip: make sure you put a space between the words 'TOPUP', your account number and the amount.

We'll send you a text to confirm that your request for top-up has been received (make sure your mobile number isn't blocked). Allow a couple of hours for processing the payment. 


Invalid text top-up notification:

If you receive a text from us saying that your text top-up is invalid, it means that you've entered in the wrong information or have used the wrong format. Please check the details are entered in correctly.

To find your account number, go back to the welcome email we sent you when you first joined Contact PrePay, or sign into My Account or the Contact app.

This will depend on the payment method:

  • Credit/debit card payments will be applied in a couple of hours (this includes text top-up).
  • Phone/internet banking and automatic payments will be processed on the next business day. Note: Payments made on the weekend won’t display until Tuesday.
We’ll notify you by text when your balance is low. If you get a low-balance disconnection alert, you must top-up that day, ensuring your account is in credit by at least $30, to avoid disconnection.

You can check your balance anytime via:


How to check your power usage

Sign into My Account and select “Usage” and then “View my Usage”. The “Usage History” graph provides a monthly view of your power usage. If you hover over the relevant monthly column you can also see your average daily spend.

To view “Your Last 100 Days” usage in more detail, simply click on the “Your Last 100 Days Usage” button. You can drill down to daily and hourly information (just click on the month bar, then select a day to view and then click into the day bar to view your hourly data).

You can also find out how many estimated days of power you have left when you go to the "My Account Summary" page.

If you use the Contact app, you can view your estimated remaining days in the "Account" section and your recent daily power usage in the "Usage" section.
It may take a few days before you’ll start to see your balance reduce to reflect your power consumption, as it takes a few days to set up your account.
No. Because this is a PrePay service, you won't receive power bills.

If you run out of electricity, it’s easy to get reconnected. Simply pay the full amount owing and top up your account so your balance is at least $30 in credit. Then call us 0800 266 861 during our call centre hours (7am–6pm Monday to Friday). For your safety, someone over the age of 18 years must be at home to get reconnected.

In most cases, reconnection will happen the same day you request it, as long as it’s during our call centre hours. Reconnections outside of these hours may take longer. While you are disconnected any charges that are billed daily will still apply.

You will get a refund of the credit on your account when:

  • We are unable to sign you on to Contact PrePay
  • You end your Contact PrePay service with us and/or switch to another retailer.

Any other refunds are at our discretion.

If you move back to post-pay or you switch to another electricity provider, a final bill will be sent.