Roaming far from home?

Use your plan's endless calls, text and data when you travel to one of over 100 countries around the world, for just $7 a day.

We’ve got you covered

All our plans include the option to use overseas roaming. For $7 per day, per plan, use your plan minutes, texts and endless data.

Check out the destinations you can roam in here.


You’ll also need to pay any international calling rates that apply to your plan, just as you would at home. You can find full roaming terms and conditions here.

How to get started

There are three easy ways to get yourself connected whilst travelling overseas.
Day to day

There's enough to organise before going overseas, so sorting roaming day-to-day might be the best option for you.

Just switch your phone data on when you arrive and you'll get a text asking you whether you'd like to start roaming for $7 a day.

Reply YES and you'll be good to go. Your 24 hours of roaming will start the next time you make or receive a call, send a text or use mobile data. Roaming charges will appear on your next monthly bill.

Auto daily

If you know you'll want to roam whenever you head overseas, then you can switch on auto daily roaming.

Just sign in to your account through the Contact mobile app or website and head to the SIM Settings section to turn on auto daily roaming.

When you get to your destination, turn your mobile data on and you will get a text through confirming you have purchased 24 hours of roaming.

Pre-Paid daily

If you're super organised you can buy a daily roaming add-on before you head off on your trip.

Head to the Contact mobile app and then grab yourself a daily roaming add-on from the Products section.

When you get to your destination and switch on your mobile data, you'll get a text letting you know you are up and running.

Roaming checklist

A few handy things to do before you head away:


  1. Download the Contact Mobile NZ app – to manage data, billing and payments while you’re away
  2. Check your next bill date – It could be while you are away and include some roaming charges
  3. Make sure your phone’s operating system is updated to the latest version
  4. Check roaming is enabled on your phone for smooth connection at the other end
  5. If you want to use WiFi calling (via data) and your phone has the capability, enable it

Frequently asked questions

For $7 per day, you can use the calls, texts and data included in your plan when roaming in the following countries.

Anguilla (4G)
Antigua & Barbuda (4G)
Argentina (4G)
Aruba (4G)
Australia (4G), (5G)
Austria (4G)
Barbados (4G)
Belgium (4G), (5G)
Bermuda (4G)
Brazil (4G)
British Virgin Islands (4G)
Bulgaria (4G), (5G)
Cambodia (4G)
Canada (4G)
Cayman Islands (4G)
Chile (4G)
China (4G), (5G)
Colombia (4G)
Cook Islands/Rarotonga (4G)
Costa Rica (4G)
Croatia (4G)
Cyprus (4G)
Czech Republic (4G), (5G)
Denmark (4G), (5G)
Dominica (4G)
Dominican Republic (4G)
Isle of Man (4G)
Israel (4G), (5G)
Italy (4G), (5G)
Jamaica (4G)
Japan (4G)
Jersey (4G)
Kenya (4G)
Ecuador (4G)
El Salvador

England (4G)
Estonia (4G)
Fiji (4G)
France (4G), (5G)
Germany (4G), (5G)
Ghana (4G)
Greece (4G)
Guam (4G)
Guatemala (4G)
Guernsey (4G)
Hong Kong (4G), (5G)
Hungary (4G), (5G)
India (4G)*
Indonesia (4G) ^
Ireland (4G), (5G)
Latvia (4G),(5G)
Liechtenstein (4G)
Lithuania (4G)
Luxembourg (4G), (5G)
Macau (4G)
Macedonia (4G)
Malaysia (4G)
Malta (4G), (5G)
Mexico (4G)
Monaco (4G), (5G)
Mongolia (4G)
Montenegro (4G)
Netherlands (4G), (5G)
Northern Ireland (4G)
Norway (4G)
Panama (4G)
Papua New Guinea (4G)

Peru (4G)
Philippines (4G)
Poland (4G), (5G)
Portugal (4G), (5G)
Puerto Rico (4G)
Qatar (4G), (5G)
Reunion (4G)
Romania (4G)
Samoa (4G)
Saudi Arabia (4G), (5G)
Scotland (4G)
Serbia (4G)
Singapore (4G)
Slovakia (4G)
Slovenia (4G)
South Africa (4G)
South Korea (4G), (5G)
Spain (4G), (5G)
St Kitts and Nevis (4G)
St Lucia (4G)
St Vincent and the Grenadines (4G)
Sweden (4G), (5G)
Switzerland (4G), (5G)
Taiwan (4G), (5G)
Thailand (4G), (5G)
Tonga (4G)
Turkey (4G), (5G)
Turks and Caicos Islands (4G)
Uruguay (4G)
US Virgin Islands (4G)
USA including Hawaii and Alaska (4G), (5G)
Vanuatu (4G)
Vietnam (4G)
Wales (4G)

*Roaming is restricted in Jammu and Kashmir areas due to local government regulations.
** Due to elevated risk of a roaming partner being sanctioned, while roaming in Venezuela you are only able to make or receive calls and send/receive TXTs. You cannot use data.
^ Indonesian operator XL Axiata has shut down both 2G and 3G services. Manually select TELKOMSEL or im3 for best connection experience while roaming in Indonesia.

A $7 daily fee applies for each day you connect to a network overseas. You will only be charged if you reply YES to a daily roaming text message, if you have auto daily roaming switched on or if you purchase pre-paid daily roaming.
If you are trying to roam in a country that isn't included in the daily roaming add-on, then you will be unable to connect to a network.

2G and 3G networks have been shut down in some countries. This could impact your ability to call or text while overseas. If this happens, try manually changing the network you are connected to, or switch to apps that use data to contact friends and family.

If you have enabled WiFi calling on your phone you can avoid international calling rates, but this will may impact your max speed data usage and does incur the $7 per day roaming charge.

Incoming calls and texts are included in Daily Roaming charges ($7 per day). You’ll only be charged if you’re in a country where roaming isn’t available.
WiFi calling uses internet connectivity (your data) to make calls and send texts, so if you are using data anyway it will be covered in your $7 per day roaming charge. If you don’t have/use WiFi calling international calling charges will apply on top of the roaming charge.
You'll need to add country codes to the beginning of all the numbers you call or TXT on your mobile, including the country you're in. For example, to call a New Zealand number you replace the 0 at the beginning of the number with +64 (New Zealand’s country code), which means: 03 345 6789 becomes +64 3 345 6789 and 021 345 678 becomes +64 21 345 678.
Your friends and family in New Zealand can use your number to contact you when you’re overseas. Callers outside New Zealand will still need to use New Zealand’s country code - i.e. the +64 then the number - even if they’re sitting right beside you.