Why is my bill higher than normal?


Here’s a few reasons why your bill might be higher than normal: 

  • A full house – you’re at home more often or have extra people in the house like a new baby or family staying
  • Change in season – cold/warm weather means you’ve been cranking up the heating or air con 
  • Something’s broken – is an appliance faulty or your hot water cylinder leaking?
  • A new appliance – you’re the proud owner of a new power-hungry appliance
  • Other bill changes – your recent bills have been estimated or cover a longer period than usual

You can keep track of how much you’re spending in My Account. As long you have a smart meter, your usage graph shows in both dollars and kilowatt hours how much energy you’re using.  

Find out more about estimates and meter reading.  

See our energy saving tips to help keep your energy costs down. 

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