Your next approximate meter reading date is at the top of your bill. You can see it on your digital bill when you sign into My Account.  

You can also see when your next meter reading is scheduled in My Account under ‘Submit meter read’.  
To make sure your bills are in line with what you're using we need to take regular readings.  We need  at least one actual read every 365 days, we may from time to time ask for special access to gain a meter reading. Without a meter reading we'll create a bill based on estimated readings but estimated bills may not accurately reflect what you’re using.  To avoid a large catch up bill or credit in the future it's important we have access to your meter.  

Our meter readers need safe access to your property, free of hazards, including dogs or any other conditions that are hazardous.  Fees may apply when we cannot access the meter for a long time. 
If you have a traditional (non-smart) meter, we’ll need access to your meter to inspect, maintain and operate the meter and related equipment. It’s not just to take a reading. This is covered by our terms and conditions.  

If you have a smart meter, it communicates with us directly and doesn’t need to be read manually by a meter reader.  

Traditional (non-smart) meters:  

  • are read by a meter reader 
  • are usually read every couple of months  
  • can be read less often in rural or remote areas  

For the months when a meter reader doesn’t come, your bill will be based on an estimate. This means we’ll make an educated guess of your meter reading based on your actual reading and consumption from the same month in previous years. 

Yes, if you have a smart meter we can read it on any day of the month that you choose.  The only exception is if you have piped gas too. Then the smart meter reading will be taken at the same as your gas reading.  

If you don’t have a smart meter, we can’t change the date your meter is read. This is because our meter readers schedule when they visit certain locations each month. We can’t select a date for you.  

If you won’t be home for a reading we can either arrange access for our meter reader or you can call us with a reading around the same date. This will make sure bill is based on your usage and isn’t an estimate.  

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