International Women in Engineering Day: Ellie Lock, Drilling & Projects Engineer

This year for International Women in Engineering Day (23 June 2020), we want to showcase the amazing journey our engineers have taken. We truly have a diverse bunch of women engineers in Contact who come from all walks of life. The international theme is “Shape the World,” so we asked our engineers some questions about what got them into their field in the first place.

What is the photo of?

This photo is one of the rare childhood moments with my dad. We are in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and my dad is studying Mining Engineering and working as an intern at the Super Pit. The photo is blurry because my dad could never get me to sit still, I was always climbing on rocks, trees, playgrounds and always getting to the highest position possible. I’ve always had a love for working outdoors, with my hands and have a love for natural resources. I started my career on oil rigs as a field engineer and now progressed into the world of geothermal where I still get to get my hands dirty and climb things! 

Ellie Lock


What inspired you to become an engineer?

To me, my dad has always been there for me through everything. He showed me that you can go back and achieve something you love no matter what age. From there over the years he has worked his way to the top and currently runs his own company. Truly inspirational to me that I can achieve anything I want with hard work, dedication and a love for what you do.  


What surprises you most about your job?

That male engineers aren’t disparaging to women in engineering. I went into engineering thinking I had to always be better/smarter/know all the answers in order to prove myself but it 100% isn’t true. You can just be yourself and if you don’t know something then actually asking for assistance gains you more respect than being a know it all. 


What are you most proud of having achieved in your role?

I am most proud of starting a career in geothermal in my late 20’s (after being pigeon holed in oil and gas for 6 years) and being able to bond with a team of very intelligent people and add value to the Tauhara project. 

Ellie Lock

25 Jun 2020
1 minutes to read
By Ellie Lock
Drilling and Projects Engineer