Make moving homes easier with these quick tips

There's a lot of stress associated with moving into a new house. Let's eliminate some of that stress with these simple tips and tricks for your next move.

You've just finished up the process of buying a new home.  or signing that rental agreement. As if that wasn't already stressful enough now you're tasked with moving everything you own out of your old home and into your new one. We're not going to lie, moving does get stressful. But there are ways to turn down the heat a bit.

Like with anything in life, organising yourself beforehand can save you a lot of stress down the road. We've helped a lot of customers through the moving process over the years, so we have an idea of what does and doesn't help. Keen to hear our advice? Well, go on then, we made this quick guide just for you:

Tip #1 Get a head start
Moving into a new home, or any home really, requires a whole lot of packing. This isn't one of those tasks you can save for the week before your move (unless you want your stress levels to skyrocket). You need to get started well before the big day arrives.
First, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of boxes on hand, when it comes to moving there is no such thing as too many. If you've enlisted the help of a moving company, ring them up and ask if boxes and other packing materials can be delivered well ahead of your moving date or for a cheaper option, head to your local Bunnings where they have a whole section of packing materials at a great price.
Next, break up your packing into short little bursts. Tackling your home piece by piece will be a lot less overwhelming than attempting to pack your entire life away in one go.
Tip #2 Pack smart, you'll thank us later

You don't want to take a scattershot approach to packing. It makes things a lot more difficult once you get into your new place. Be logical about how you go through your house. Take packing one room at a time, pack similar items in the same box and always start with items that are used the least. It's helpful to pack your kitchen last as that will be home to some of your most used items (and you'll like want to be able to make a pot of coffee mid-unpacking).

The secret to success with packing is labelling. Label like your life depends on it. You want to list the contents of the box and the room the box needs to go in. This will make unpacking a much simpler process. Make sure to put all labels on the side of the box as opposed to the top. That way, if your movers stack your boxes, you'll still be able to see what they contain.

Bonus tip: Make sure to pack a moving day kit made up of all the essentials. A few changes of clothes, some snacks, trash bags, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. If you have kids, it'd be wise to keep their favourite toys, a fresh pair of pajamas and a bedtime story on hand as well. Putting these things aside will help you avoid having to rifle through boxes when you decide to leave the unpacking until the next morning.


Tip #3 Talk to the existing tenant

There are a lot of little details in any new home that you'll want to be aware of. Luckily, most existing tenants are happy to help you out. Compile a list of quick questions that will make your life easier when you do finally move in, such as:

  • When do we need to put the rubbish out?
  • Are there any electrical devices in the house? Do they still have the instruction manuals?
  • Did they happen to keep leftover paint cans for little house touch ups? (Matching exact colours is hard!)
  • Where is the electricity meter? What about the water main?
  • Are there any little house quirks you should be aware of?
Tip #4 Take us with you
Don’t forget about the power! While you’re at it, let us take care of your broadband and gas too. 
Whether you're a new or existing Contact customer, do it online or call us on 0800 401 235. We'll ask for your new address and take care of the rest for you. 
It's best to have your utilities in your old home shut off a day after the move and your new house's turned on a day prior to move-in.   
We know moving can be a big undertaking but we're here to make sure, at the very least, that your energy needs are sorted.


12 Mar 2018
3 minutes to read
By Contact Energy