17 January 2022

Contact Energy believes “It’s good to be home.”

Contact Energy believes that “home” is the best place in the world – both our individual homes and our collective home of Aotearoa. 

To demonstrate this, Contact has unveiled a new brand platform ‘It’s good to be home’ as part of a continued focus for the business to grow its commitments to the community, environment, and people throughout 2022.

The new campaign has been produced by creative advertising agency Special and will be distributed across radio, online/digital, out-of-home and social.

Contact CEO Mike Fuge said the business wants to put people at the heart of every decision and deliver on its promise to build a better future for Aotearoa.

“Businesses have a moral responsibility to look after communities, the environment and people and our new brand positioning demonstrates our intention to do more in these areas. Throughout 2022, New Zealanders can expect to see Contact deliver new social initiatives that will help ensure every New Zealander, including our most vulnerable, have a better home life.”

The centrepiece of the campaign is a television commercial featuring a young girl who discovers that what she draws becomes reality. Eager to have her family all together at home, she draws rain clouds over their heads, shifting the whole whānau indoors and ending on a shot of a very content young girl at home.

Existing Contact initiatives, such as Good Nights, providing customers with three free hours of power a night, and the build of the new renewable Tauhara geothermal plant, are already contributing to Contact’s purpose of improving the quality of home life for all New Zealanders.

Mr Fuge said Contact will take these initiatives further and launch a range of new commitments to help ensure more Kiwis feel warmer, safer, and happier at home.

He said Contact recognised the importance of protecting our collective home – Aotearoa – from the impact of climate change and acknowledged that the electricity sector had a major role to play.

“Contact will continue to advance renewable energy projects and initiatives to reduce emissions. We want to support a cleaner, greener future for New Zealand with our actions and continue to ensure Aotearoa is a fantastic place to call home.” 

Tony Bradbourne, founder and CEO of Special who worked with Contact to develop the new strategy, added: “Whilst Contact are one of the country’s biggest generators of electricity, generating an incredible 8.4 terawatts hours last year, they are driven by a very simple, human brand purpose to improve the quality of home life for all New Zealanders.

We’re launching a new long-term brand platform ‘It’s good to be home’ to start to communicate that, and we’ll be following it up some exciting innovations and demonstrations.”


The new advertisement is ready to view here:




About Contact Energy:

Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest energy retailers and generators. We generated 8.4 terawatt hours of electricity from hydro, geothermal and gas last year and managed more than 550,000 customer connections. Our vision is to build a better New Zealand and play a leading role in the decarbonisation of the energy sector and wider economy.


Campaign credits:

Agency: Special New Zealand
Director: Christopher Riggert
Production Company: FINCH
Post Production Company: Blockhead
Music Supervisor: Karyn Rachtman



Contact Energy’s existing community initiatives include:

  • The Home:  Contact has a range of smart solutions to improve Kiwi homes including Good Nights, which provides customers with three hours of free power to keep houses warm throughout the night.
  • The Community:  Contact has invested in employee volunteer programmes, local sponsorships, targeted COVID relief support, proactive engagement with tangata whenua, and the new Ka Hiko training programme in Taupō.
  • The Environment:  Contact is committed to leading New Zealand into a better energy future with investment in low-carbon renewable energy projects like the Tauhara geothermal plant, building a resilient company geared for a zero-carbon world with a 62% reduction in emissions since 2012, and land restoration and protection programmes including planting 150,000 native trees.