09 March 2022

Contact gender pay statistics

We disclose pay equity statistics and have submitted these to the Mind the Gap initiative.

In our FY21 Integrated Report we include analysis of the gender pay gap at Contact: "Pay equity is monitored and reported on, comparing pay by gender in roles at the same grade levels (i.e. roles requiring a similar level of skills, knowledge, and accountabilities). At 30 June 2021 our pay equity was at 97.6 per cent for women to men. We make adjustments to individual salaries where appropriate to address pay equity while applying our grade structure."

We have also calculated our overall pay gap between men and women in terms of the median pay across the company as at 30 June 2021 and there is a gap of 49% overall.

This reflects the  challenge we have at Contact – and across the electricity sector – in terms of the composition of our workforce. Within our customer contact teams we have many more women than men. And at power station sites it is the other way around, with a significantly higher proportion of men than women in these roles.

We are committed to doing more in this important area and we are taking on the challenge to reduce this gap and ensuring more women with high-end technological, engineering and project skills are part of our team at Contact.

As our CEO Mike Fuge said: “I’m passionate about this and it is something I can closely relate to – my wife Julia has spent her working career in education encouraging young women into STEM-based careers and my daughter Laura is a mechanical engineer and naval architect.  There is a sense in some quarters that she is one of the outliers. That needs to change.”