4G Wireless broadband from $44/month

When joining the Broadband Bundle plan. Conditions apply. $99 modem charge and $14.99 P&H fee applies. Broadband is not available without electricity.

What is wireless broadband?

Wireless broadband uses the 4G mobile network in the same way your mobile phone connects to the internet (rather than using cables under the ground like DSL/copper or fibre), this is what makes it wireless. Plug your modem in and get connected, that simple!

It's a great option as an alternative to a DSL/copper connection or if you're in an area where fibre isn't available yet or you don't want it installed. It's best suited for small to medium households using services like web browsing, email and basic video streaming where there are only a couple of people using the connection at the same time.

Wireless is best for:

Small/medium households who are  casual internet browsers.

  • Video conferencing and calling
    With a smaller number of participants and there aren't other devices using the connection at the same time.

  • HD video streaming
    Works best if you don't have other devices using the connection at the same time you're streaming HD videos.

  • Basic online gaming
    That don't require fast reactions.

Ready to sign up to Wireless?

If you're an existing customer, the quickest and easiest way to add broadband is to log in to My Account or via the Contact App.

If you're a new customer, you'll need to have your electricity with us to get Contact broadband, as it’s not available without electricity. You'll get our sharpest broadband price when bundled with energy on the Broadband bundle plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Wireless broadband uses the 4G mobile network in the same way your mobile phone connects to the internet (rather than using cables under the ground like DSL or Fibre); this is what makes it wireless.

1GB of data is around 1000MB, typically browsing online can use around 60MB per hour. Remember, images and videos on web pages can chew up more data than a text-only page.1GB should give you 1 hour of Netflix standard definition streaming.
No, unlike fibre or DSL/copper connections 4G wireless broadband doesn’t require any cables or installations other than the plugging in the Contact supplied modem.

Once you’ve signed up, sit back and relax, we will get the ball rolling for you.

You’ll get an email within three days confirming your details and order number. We’ll also let you know what dates you’re scheduled to be connected. This will depend on what service you’ve asked for.
For wireless connections:
We will have to send you a Contact to provide a modem (modem charge and P&H fee applies), it should arrive between 2-5 days. Check the activation date on your email, follow the setup instructions and you're good to go.
We know how important it is to stay connected, you can keep on track of your usage in the Contact App and My Account. If you're using more than 300GB, we may get in touch to discuss alternative plan options that may suit your needs better or we may request you limit your usage.
No, Contact Wireless modems are only 4G enabled. We do not currently offer 5G plans.
Contact wireless broadband is available in 4G coverage areas. When you sign up we will be able to confirm if you're your connection availability.
For wireless connections you will need a Contact supplied modem, modem charge and P&H fee applies. Please note, we're unable to offer a VOIP (phone) services with wireless connections.
If you’re after VOIP, you will need a fibre connection and a Contact provided modem when you sign up for broadband.

Depending on where you move to, we may not be able to provide you with exactly the same services you currently have – it all depends on what connection is available at your new address.

Please give us a bit of notice so that we can tick the right boxes and make sure everything is in place. Ideally 15 working days should be enough time for us to get everything ready for you at your new home. Sometimes things might take a bit longer but we’ll be in touch if we need to.

If you are keeping the same plan and the connection then don’t forget to pack your Contact modem and take it with you.