I'm having broadband problems

Broadband speeds can show how fast your internet should be able to download and upload data – but it’s not an exact science. Other things may be impacting performance as well.

Things that can impact broadband performance include: 

  • Modem location in your house – for example if there are lots of walls between you and your modem.  
  • Number of people on your network – how many people in your home are connected? 
  • Type and location of content – content from overseas websites could be slower to access. 
  • Time of day – the network may be busier at certain times of the day.  
  • Your devices – do your devices have the software and hardware capable of accessing maximum speeds? 
  • Other wireless devices or Wi-Fi connections – mobile or digital phones and even your neighbours’ Wi-Fi 

You could try connecting your device directly to an ethernet cable for better performance. 

If you think there might be a broadband outage in your area, check with your local fibre/DSL company.  

My modem

We will send your modem out three days prior to your connection date so that it is ready to go when your connection goes live. We will send an email with a tracking link to confirm your modem is on the way.  

If you have received an email from us saying your connection is ready to go but have still not received your modem, check your email to see if you have a tracking number from us. If you haven’t got the tracking email,  call us on 0800 401 373

If you have another modem at home, you may be able to use this in the interim. See our BYO modem guide
We aim to have minimal impact on the environment and that means cutting down on e-waste. We can refurbish your modem and reuse it, which is good for the environment. To request a prepaid bag to return your modem in you can email us at broadband@contactenergy.co.nz 
The courier driver should leave a card for you to collect the modem from the depot. After two delivery attempts the modem gets sent back to the dispatcher. You will get the track and trace number so you can follow up with the courier.
This depends on the status of the order, if you have received a tracking number, your modem is on its way. If you don’t have a tracking number, call us on 0800 401 373.

This is the TP-Link Hx510, this comes with:

Modem image

This is the TP-Link x55, this comes with:

Modem image

Understanding my bill

A small percentage of our customers may occasionally get two broadband charges on one bill. You may have two charges on your account because during the billing period the following may have happened: 

  • You changed plans part way through the billing month – this can show two partial charges for different dates. You can see the dates on the bottom half or second page of your bill under ‘broadband charges’. 
  • The billing dates for your electricity do not fall on same date as broadband billing when it is set up.  

Double charges on a bill should be a one-off occurrence, if it is a billing date issue, your next bill should have no broadband charges as a result.  

If your bill shows duplicate charges for the same dates, or you are being double billed each month, get in touch with us and we can correct that for you. Do this via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Alternatively you can email us at broadband@contactenergy.co.nz or call us on 0800 641 502

Yes we do, which means you will always be paid up a month in advance. So your first bill will show this extra amount. If your connection date started partway through a billing month, you will also see this part charge. 
If you have changed your broadband plan part way through your billing cycle, any payment you've made in advance beyond the change date will be credited back, and you will be billed at the new rate from then on. This will show on your bill as two partial charges.  
If you changed broadband plans or added broadband part way through your billing period, then you will see a partial charge for the days covered. Following bills will have charges for the full month.  
Broadband is billed in advance and will appear on your energy bill.  Your broadband billing period won’t always match up to your other energy charges. You're billed monthly from your first connection date to the day before the next month. i.e. 10 Jan to 9 Feb and the next bill will be from 10 Feb to 9 March and so on.   
You will need to contact your current provider advising them of your cancellation of service with them as we are unable to close the account on your behalf.  Any charges received from your previous provider need to be discussed with them. 

Adding broadband on my account

When you sign up for broadband, we’ll let you know what type of broadband is available where you live – fibre or wireless. 

If you have an electricity account with us, the quickest and easiest way to check is to:  

  1. sign in to My Account  
  2. go the main menu and select ‘Change Plan’.  

Here you’ll be able to see what types of broadband are available to you based on your address.  

If you’re not already with Contact, you’ll need to have your electricity with us before you can sign up for broadband. See details of all our current broadband offers and bundles.  

If you’re already with us, the quickest and easiest way to add broadband is to sign into My Account or using the Contact app. Once you’ve signed in, you can add broadband to your plan by going to ‘Change plan’.  

If you’re new to Contact, you’ll need to sign up for electricity with us before you can get broadband as we don’t sell it on its own.

To add broadband to your existing energy account:  

  1. sign into your account either in our app or My Account 
  2. go to the main menu and select Change Plan 
  3. then Add Broadband 

Getting fibre

When you sign up for broadband on a plan with us, this will show you if you can get fibre.  
Or check with your local fibre network:  

We rely on third party information when showing what’s available at your address. We might need to check your address information with you when you place an order.   

If you don’t already have fibre installed when you sign up for a fibre plan, we can arrange this for you with your local fibre company.

We'll be in touch as soon as we get word that a technician is booked to come to your house. Sign up with us online.

Broadband speeds

Broadband speeds can show how fast your internet should be able to download and upload data – but it’s not an exact science. Other things may be impacting performance as well.  

Try these tips to improve your broadband performance.

You can check the broadband speed you are getting by going www.speedtest.net. Make sure you are using “Devoli” as the selected server to get the most accurate result.  

You’ll need to have your device plugged in via the ethernet cable (which came with your modem). 

Upgrading or reconnecting my broadband

If it’s available in your area, you can upgrade your broadband speed by signing into My Account:  

  • Go to ‘My property’ 
  • Select ‘Change plan’ 
  • Select ‘Edit Broadband connect’.  
  • Select the new speed.  
You can bring broadband with you as long as you move your electricity over as well. Don’t forget to pack your Contact modem and take it with you. If you have fibre, leave the ONT where it is.  

See more in our moving house FAQs.  

If you’ve had broadband with us before but cancelled it, it’s easy to add it to your account again. 

You’ll still need an energy account with us. To add broadband to your existing account:  

  1. sign into your account either in our app or My Account 
  2. go to the main menu and select Change Plan
  3. then Add Broadband.  

You’ll be shown different broadband plans available to you based on your address.  

Adding a home phone

Yes, we provide homeline services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You will need to have a fibre connection and one of our Netcomm Contact provided modems.  You can add our homeline service from just $10 a month for unlimited national calls not including mobile. Give us a call on 0800 641 502 and we can set this up for you. 

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is simply a way of using the internet for the transmission of voice calls. You can operate VoIP and related services with any modern home phone.

The main difference between a standard landline and VoIP is that VoIP uses your internet connection whereas a standard landline is connected to the copper network.

If you have services such as a medical alarm and monitored alarm that often require a standard landline, please let us know so we can make sure to recommend the right set-up for you. You may need to contact your alarm provider to check.

It’s important you know that your VoIP service might not work during a power outage. Therefore you’ll need another way to stay connected in case you need to make an emergency 111 calls.

You can keep your existing home phone number when you sign up to a homeline service with us. Just let us know and we can move it from your existing provider. Youll also need a phone with a telepermit sticker which you can plug into your Contact provided modem.

Standard local rates  

 Type  Charge (per min) 
 Directory  $0.55 
 Fixed  $0.00
 IntDirectory  $0.55
 Internet  $0.00
 Local  $0.00 
 Mobile  $0.17
 MsgExchange  $0.00
 Service Call  $0.00 
 TollFree  $0.00
 TollFree Mobile  $0.00

International call rates

Download our international call rates

Top 10 international calling package

Talk to the following ten countries for 100 hours for $10 per month.

Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, India, Hong Kong and China

Please note: this is for landline to landline calls only, standard rates apply for mobiles, please refer to local and international call rates.

NZ mobile 100 calling package

Talk to NZ mobile phone numbers for 100 minutes for $5 per month.

NZ mobile 200 calling package

Talk to NZ mobile phone numbers for 200 minutes for $10 per month.

Removing broadband from my account

To cancel your broadband, you’ll just need to give us 30 days’ notice. Call us on 0800 641 502

You can cancel your broadband at any time. As you pay in advance, you’ll be credited for any time paid after the disconnection date.

If you have a Contact modem, we’ll send you a pre-paid post bag so you can send it back to us.

Generally you can cancel broadband without paying a fee. You’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice, so we can get the cancellation process underway.

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