Good for your wallet and good for Aotearoa

Good Plans give you periods of free or discounted power so you could save whenever you fire up appliances during those hours. The more of your current energy usage you shift to your free or discounted hours, the more you’re set to save!

Being on one of these plans could also be good for our shared home of Aotearoa as we  make our way to net zero energy generation. How?

When we’re all using power at the same ‘peak’ times (like first thing in the morning and again in the early evening), New Zealand often has to draw on electricity generated from non-renewable sources like coal, gas and diesel to meet demand.

If more power usage can be shifted to off-peak times, we could reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy generation. So, it’s not just potentially good for your pocket, it’s good for everyone that calls New Zealand home.

Good Plans that work around you

Our Good Plans give you options depending on when your free or discounted periods work best for you.
Good plans

Good Weekends

Free power
9am-5pm every Sat & Sun

Great for households who have busy weekends packed with laundry or cooking

Good plans

Good Nights

Free power
9pm-midnight every night

Great for the night owls who stay up late and like to keep toasty and warm

Good plans

Good Charge

50% off power
9pm-7am every night

Great for EV owners who are on the road often and need to charge frequently

Shift and save

The more of your current energy usage that you can shift to your free or discounted period, the more you could save - so start saving that laundry until the weekend, loading up the dishwasher in the evening or charging your EV overnight

Set your timer

Many home appliances now have delay start timers, making it even easier to fire them up during your Good plan hours


Hold off plugging in your EV until your Good plan hours start, or check if your vehicle can schedule charging times to match your free or discounted times

See how you’re tracking

Check your energy usage online or through the app every few days to get a handle on when you are using the most power – changing when you use energy-hungry appliances to the free or discounted times could make a real difference

Frequently asked questions

Good plans are available to residential customers who have a communicating smart meter – most properties have this type of meter installed already. When you join, we'll double-check this and confirm that you’re eligible.

You sure can, as long as your current set up ticks some boxes:

  • You’re currently on an open term plan with us
  • You have a smart meter at your place

Want to know your new rates on a Good Plan outside the free or discounted hours? You can find these once you click on the Change Plan button in the app or My Account and choose the plan. The rates pop up above the selected plan, well before you need to make the final call! You can then compare to your current rates in app or My Account (just tap the ‘electricity’ tab once you’re in).

Please note:

  • You can’t add any free or discounted periods to your current plan. To get the benefits of the free hours, you need to change to one of the Good Plans above.
  • When you change plans, you’ll lose any associated rewards from your old plan, like discounts.
  • If you’re currently on the Broadband Bundle plan and switch to a new energy plan, you will lose any broadband discount (but gain some free hours of power!). You’ll need to choose a new broadband plan at the available pricing.

Any savings associated with Good plans vary depending on your meter setup, how you use electricity overall, and particularly how much usage you shift to the free or discounted period.

Everyone’s usage is different. However, the more of your current energy usage you shift, the more you could save!