Get connected faster with eSIM

Choose eSIM when you're joining Contact mobile and you could be up and running in minutes.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that is already built into your phone. It means that you can get connected to Contact mobile right away without needing to wait for a physical SIM to be delivered.

Benefits of eSIM

Quick connection

You can buy and activate your Contact eSIM in minutes. The days of waiting for a SIM in the post are gone.

Dual numbers

Using an eSIM means you can have two numbers - one on a physical SIM and one on your eSIM. Great for keeping work and personal numbers on one phone.


With no plastic or packaging, eSIMs are a more sustainable option for staying connected to your favourite people.

Frequently asked questions

Most smartphones made from 2020 onwards will support eSIM, but it is best to either check your phone settings or with your phone manufacturer before you buy.

Many new phones will have dual SIM capability, meaning you can have two SIMs in your phone. Usually this will be one physical SIM and one eSIM, but you can check through your phone settings or with your phone manufacturer.

Dual SIM means you can switch between two different phone numbers and plans, perfect if you want to keep work and play separate, or if you want to use a different number and plan when you're travelling overseas.