You can see what meter setup – or tariff – you have on the back of your bill.  

For example, some common types include:

  • Anytime
  • Night
  • All day economy
  • Night boost  

You may have more than one meter.

The number of electricity meters you have depends on different things: 

  • the amount of electricity you need and where you need it – for example garages and milking sheds
  • the type of property – an apartment block or a stand-alone house
  • the pricing plan that you have at the property 

Your first call will need to be to an electrician who will do the work of replacing the board.

We replace the meters like for like, unless you request a different set up.

The cost for this work depends on whether the board is being moved, and what meter set up you want. You can see our fees here. 

If you have a standard analogue meter, we’ll replace this with a smart meter.  If you don't want a smart meter installed we can install the smart meter without the communication chip.

Access to the meter will be required, as we’ll still need to visit your property to read the meter. 

A key will be required if the new meter location is inside your house.

For the work to be completed, a temporary disconnection may need to be arranged. Find out more.

Once you have talked to your electrician you’ll need to contact us to arrange for the meters to be replaced.

We will need to know: 

  • the name and contact details of your electrician 
  • where the meter is now, and where you want it moved to (or is it a meter board replacement) 
  • if a temporary disconnection has been organised (your electrician can tell you if this is needed) 
  • whether anyone at the property is medically dependent on electricity, to prevent loss of life or serious harm 
  • if there are any dogs or hazards on the property that we need to tell the contractors about 
  • the name of the electrical inspector who issued the Certificate of Compliance for the electrician's work 

If you are renovating, or need to move your gas meter, this can be arranged. 

This work can take between 4-6 weeks, so let us know as soon as possible when you want the work to be done.

Depending on where your meter is, this can be a significant piece of work and is price on application. We won’t proceed without a signed quote.  

Please contact us to arrange a quote.

We will need to know:  

  • the name and contact details of your registered gas fitter 
  • where the meter is now and where you want it moved to 
  • if it's just the gas network pipes (from the meter to the street) that need moving, or if it's just the meter 
  • whether there are any dogs or hazards on the property that we need to tell the contractors about 
  • when you would like the work to be completed (keeping in mind the 4-6 weeks it generally takes to relocate a meter) 
Sometimes a gas meter cover may need to be replaced for safety reasons.

So that we can assess the situation, please provide us with a photo.

Our gas specialist team will send you a quote once they have approved the change. It can take 15 days for the change to be approved. 
Once approved, and the quote accepted, then urgent replacements can take up to 10 working days, and non urgent replacements within 60 working days.

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