International Women in Engineering Day: Ielish Goble, Graduate Engineer

This year for International Women in Engineering Day (23 June 2020), we want to showcase the amazing journey our engineers have taken. We truly have a diverse bunch of women engineers in Contact who come from all walks of life. The international theme is “Shape the World,” so we asked our engineers some questions about what got them into their field in the first place.

What is the photo of?

It is a picture of a page from my kindergarten book. Here I was playing firefighters with my friend Dean whilst wearing an ice-cream container as a helmet! (it’s a bit blurry as Mum took the picture) 

Ielish Goble


What inspired you to become an engineer?

I was inspired to become an engineer during my final year of high school in 2015. I was having a conversation with my Physics teacher at the time about potential career paths as I wasn’t sure what would suit me best. I had a love of science and figuring out how the world works, and figuring out ways to describe phenomena using maths. He suggested looking into the University of Canterbury’s various engineering programs, and I was astounded at the opportunities that could bring me. I found Chemical and Process engineering piqued my interest the most. Four and a half years after that conversation I’ve graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Chemical and Process Engineering with a minor in Bioprocessing.


What surprises you most about your job?

What surprises me most about my job is the amount of exposure to different engineering disciplines that I interface with as a Graduate Engineer at Contact Energy. From the mechanical engineers to geothermal reservoir engineers every role is connected in some way.


What are you most proud of having achieved in your role?

I’ve been with Contact Energy for just over 4 months, and I’m excited to begin my career within the geothermal energy space.

Ielish Goble

25 Jun 2020
1 minutes to read
By Ielish Goble
Graduate Engineer