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International Women in Engineering Day: Nataly Castillo Ruiz, Reservoir Engineer

This year for International Women in Engineering Day (23 June 2020), we want to showcase the amazing journey our engineers have taken. We truly have a diverse bunch of women engineers in Contact who come from all walks of life. The international theme is “Shape the World,” so we asked our engineers some questions about what got them into their field in the first place.

I am Nataly Castillo Ruiz . I am a Colombian Geoscientist that works as a reservoir engineer at Wairakei Power Station. Part of my job is to work on the 3D numerical and conceptual models of our geothermal fields.


What inspired you to become an engineer?

 I love the idea of recreating natural understanding of the world in 3D.  I always find it interesting how the natural processes are connected and how you need to learn about different areas in order to have the big picture.  My parents where a big inspiration for me. My Dad is a civil engineer.

Nataly Castillo Ruiz


What surprises you most about your job?

I was surprise about many things but I will highlight two. First, the job has a perfect balance of office and field experience, I am a very outdoorsy person and I could not imagine only being in the office solo modelling 24/7 for living. Second, how collaborative and complementary the job is. We have to be able to interact with experts in different areas to come up with a collective consensus of the field.


What are you most proud of having achieved in your role?

I am very new at my current role but so far I am very thankful to have chosen a career that offers collaboration, problem solving, outdoors and modelling without having to choose only one.

Katherine Newman

(I’m on the right, Katherine Newman is on the left)

23 Jun 2020
1 minutes to read
By Nataly Castillo Ruiz
Reservoir Engineer