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Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Instead of standard monthly billing, Contact customers can now choose to pay their power bills weekly or fortnightly to align with when they get paid – making power easier to budget and manage.

Customers have been asking us to make billing more flexible, to better fit their lifestyle and align with when they get paid. Most of our customers get paid either weekly or fortnightly, but we’ve been billing monthly, which makes it difficult for them to budget. They’ve asked us to come up with a solution and so that’s why we’ve introduced weekly and fortnightly billing.

By having smaller and more frequent power bills, customers can better align their payments with their income. It also makes it easy to track how much power is being used each week or fortnight and to quickly identify when usage is increasing. This allows customers to take action faster and change how they’re using their energy before power bills climb too high. So, no more unexpected bill shocks at the end of the month.

Payment for weekly or fortnightly billing is by direct debit, which also helps with budgeting as it guarantees prompt payment discount every time. 

Who can go on weekly or fortnightly billing?

Weekly or fortnightly billing is available to residential and business customers with electricity supply only. Payments need to be by direct debit and customers need to be set up for email correspondence. It also requires a smart meter – most properties have this type of meter installed already. 

For current customers it’s easy to change billing frequency online via My Account, or by using the Contact app. New customers to Contact who meet the eligibility criteria can choose their billing frequency when they sign up to one of our electricity plans online. 

Terms and conditions apply, find out more here.

Putting our energy where it matters

We believe that providing the choice of weekly or fortnightly billing will have a positive impact on customers’ lives. Just another way we’re putting our energy where it matters.

Learn more about weekly or fortnightly billing.


03 Sep 2018
2 minutes to read
By Contact Energy