Contact Energy surpasses Electric Vehicle goal

Fifty percent of Contact Energy’s vehicles will be electric by the end of the year, thanks to the company’s Drive Electric commitment.

This figure is expected to be 80% where there is an electric vehicle option available.

The proportion of electric or hybrid vehicles in the fleet has surpassed the target set in 2016 of 30% by the start of this year.

“We are proud of the speed we’ve transitioned to EVs, which is part of our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint and contribute to a lower carbon economy,” Chief Generation & Development Officer James Kilty says.

Transitioning to modes of transport that run on locally-produced renewable energy should be the next step for businesses and consumers to help achieve New Zealand’s climate change goals, he said.

“Given New Zealand’s electricity generation is largely renewable, EVs are the logical choice for a sustainable mode of transport.”

“We want our customers, businesses and the public to take up the challenge of transitioning to EVs to help our country reduce emissions and remove our reliance on fossil fuel.”

Contact is also involved in extending New Zealand’s Electric Highway, which locates 634 charging stations via an app and a website.

The transition to EVs is part of a broader commitment by Contact to decarbonisation and sustainable business practices. This includes targeting renewable energy sources and other innovations like the Green Borrowing Programme, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in certified Green Debt Instruments issued by a New Zealand company.

*Between then and now, the number of EVs in New Zealand has grown exponentially from 2,000 to more than 12,000. Within the last twelve months more EV models have entered the market in New Zealand, with increased driving range and more competitive pricing.


20 Mar 2019
2 minutes to read
By Contact Energy