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Elizabeth Dairy. A Beacon of Convenience.

Small to medium businesses are the champions of our economy. Pouring  your heart and soul into your business to master the skill, craft and technical expertise that it takes to do what you do.  Businesses of New Zealand – we salute you.

Here is the story behind Contact customers The Patel’s. Owners of the Elizabeth Dairy in Belmont on Auckland’s North Shore.

Belmont’s Beacon of Convenience.

While the Elizabeth Dairy draws customers from Auckland’s Devonport community, it’s that community that originally drew Nimesh and Priti Patel there.

The beach, the locals, the convenience and… the traffic. Ok, so not everything is perfect, but at least that traffic generates steady store traffic as well. They live upstairs and their young son, Khush, will soon take advantage of the handily located good schools. Though that will mean less time for him to charm customers while he negotiates the aisles in his battery-powered car.

A proud Kiwi now, Nimesh made his way to Auckland from India some years ago, then cut his teeth in the retail business at petrol stations and liquor stores. Running a dairy was a logical progression, even though they had to start from the bottom, and they’re still learning. 

Like keeping pricing competitive. Nimesh is always googling to find the best deals, and isn’t afraid of seeking out products from multiple sources. He also listens to his customers. Not long ago he had no idea what kombucha was. Now he stocks it and it’s selling well to the trend-conscious Auckland market he serves.

Nimesh knows all his regular customers by name. Quite often, he knows exactly what they’re coming in for. This sort of loyalty goes both ways. Once when there was a robbery, the locals rallied around and provided the couple with the support they needed.

Sustainability is also important. Plastic bags are gone. So recycling ice cream boxes has proved a practical way for customers to carry purchases.

While they manage to get breaks when they can from their seven day operation, Nimesh and Priti clearly put a lot of energy into this business. But there are also big fridges and store lighting to run. The cost of electricity is just as important as the cost of stock, and Contact are proud to partner with Nimesh and Priti in this area.

Because dedication and energy go hand in hand.


19 Jan 2020
2 minutes to read
By Contact Energy