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Tiro Tiro Dairy. The bright green one on the corner.

Small to medium businesses are the champions of our economy. Pouring  your heart and soul into your business to master the skill, craft and technical expertise that it takes to do what you do.  Businesses of New Zealand – we salute you.

Here is the story behind Contact customers The Patel’s. Owners of the Tiro Tiro Dairy in Levin.

The bright green one on the corner.

Jayesh Patel is a pretty handy spin bowler. Good enough to help his local twilight cricket team into the finals four years in a row.

But that’s not the only delivery he specialises in. He’s been delivering superb service to his community for fifteen years from the bright green corner dairy he and his wife Jinita run in Levin.

Jayesh first moved there to be close to his brother in Foxton, who is, you guessed it, another dairy owner. Supporting the locals is what it’s all about. Foxton Fizz soft drinks, for example, take pride of place in the chiller. And the regular cricket games with nearby dairy owners are just part of the all-important community spirit they’ve fostered.

Lots has changed over that time of course. But Jayesh reckons a few things haven’t. Bread and milk prices have been surprisingly stable. Chatting to customers and knowing them by name also hasn’t changed. Like greeting Rob the painter who’s been a customer for fifty years or so. In fact they’ve seen entire families grow up as they come and go through their door buzzer.

Keeping up with a changing world, Jayesh and Jinita offer re-usable cotton shopping bags from India as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They’re cheap and conveniently pocket-sized.

Naturally, running a dairy means long hours. Though Jayesh manages to sneak out to the gym every afternoon. That cricketing fitness isn’t going to maintain itself.

Likewise, the Foxton Fizzes aren’t going to keep themselves cool. The pies aren’t going to keep themselves warm. And, though the shop is brightly painted, it’s not going to illuminate itself. That’s where Contact comes in. Jayesh has changed power companies a few times, but Contact has proven to be the best all round partner for price and service.

So as the Contact and Tiro Tiro Dairy partnership clocks up the runs, the whole community benefits.

13 Mar 2020
2 minutes to read
By Contact Energy