About Us

We are one of New Zealand's largest listed companies but we operate with the same genuine concern for our customers and communities as the smallest. We are integral to our customers' lives – and our customers are integral to us. We keep the lights burning, the hot water flowing and the BBQ fired up for over half a million homes and businesses across New Zealand.

Our Story

Created in 1996, we're one of New Zealand's largest listed companies with over 550,000 customers across electricity, natural gas and LPG products, supported by a team of  over 1000 employees located up and down the country, all working to help New Zealanders live more comfortably with energy. Our focus is on delivering great value, great products and great service to customers. We currently offer electricity, natural gas and bottled LPG generated through our 11 hydro, geothermal  and gas-fired power stations.

We're always looking to the future and are constantly trialling new products and services; all inspired by what our customers have told us they value.


At Contact, sustainability means making every decision, every action, count for the long run. It means using Our Tikanga to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow, and striving to balance our economic, cultural and social responsibilities. 

We operate long-life power stations and we're committed to caring for natural resources that we rely on in a way that enables future generations of New Zealanders can continue to enjoy them too.


At Contact we live in, work in and are a big part of many communities throughout New Zealand.

We work hard to be a good neighbour and lend our support to initiatives that are important to locals. For us, it's all about being a responsible and positive part of the community.

Generation and Powerstations

We’re committed to a sustainable energy future for New Zealand. To us, this means balancing our commitment to renewable energy, while maintaining reliable access to energy for our customers.

We’ve developed one of the most flexible generation fleets in New Zealand. Our geothermal, hydro and thermal plants have the country covered no matter what the weather is like.


Contact strongly values and supports diversity, ensuring that the company and its leadership, management and employees reflect the diverse range of individuals and groups within our society. Contact is led by an experienced and diverse board and leadership team who are committed to our customers, communities, shareholders and people.